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πλακακια πανω σε πλακακια
τρυπες για καλωδια
κοριοι παρακολουθησης
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ξύλινο ξεπλυμένο πάτωμα
επίχρυσες κορνίζες
βελουδένιες ταπετσαρίες
καρέκλες Λουι 16
κυβιστικό φόντο βαλμιε
9 μεγάλες βαλίτσες Ερμες
για να μην διπλώνουν τα ρούχα
μπάνιο γυαλί και λευκά πλακάκια
μπύρα κορόνα
ξεπάγωνα ψωμιού
φούρνος μικροκυμάτων
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βιομηχανικός τομέας

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Καμντεν Ροουντ

1.dashi (Japanese broth)
What do you think to determine the Taste of Japanese Food?
Answer is the Japanese broth.
Japanese broth is the one of the most important factor making Japanese Food. There is the traditional way to make it of course. But we have another easier and tasty instant way of makingJapanese broth. I recommend the latter. Because we’re busy housewives and we want to save time I’d like to introduce traditional way and easy way to you.

Traditional way:
Make Japanese broth
Bonito shavings

I. Ichiban-dashi (first broth)
Bonito and kombu broth (Most popular broth)
*kombu (a kind of kelp)

Ingredients (for1.8l)
Water 2 lit.
Kombu 40gram(1 piece of kombu)
Bonito shavings 60gram
How to make
(1) Soak kombu in water. Place water on heat. Remove kombu before water comes to a boil. (about 10 minutes).
(2) After boil, add about 70cc water and comes to a boil.
(3) Add bonito shavings after come to a boil.
(4) Turn off heat immediately and strain with a sieve to remove shavings.

II. Niban- dashi(second broth)
The remainder of first broth can make daily use bros called
Niban- dashi(second broth)
The remainder of first broth
Water 2 lit
Bonito shavings 30gram

How to make
(1) Put the remainder of first broth into a pan, pour 2 lit. water.
Place water on heat.
(2) Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and cook over until reduced to 3/4.
(3) Add 30gram of Bonito shavings (we called oigatuo).
Remove the pan from the heat.
(4) When bonito sink, remove ingredients containing substance that cause discoloration or acrid taste.
(5) Strain with a sieve to remove shavings.

Instant Way
If you get an instant powder of bonito, you can make broth 1 second.
You can get the powder of bonito called
dashino-moto at Japanese grocery store.
Just pour 1 or 2 teaspoon of instant powder of bonito into a boiling 1 lit. water.
Please check the amount of powder and water, because it changes every company.

Copyright © 2002 M. Suzuki All rights reserved.
msaz veve
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